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With more than 30 years of existence, ALGOMAK, sticking to the old, traditional recipes produces and strives constantly to bring you unique, exciting and above all, delicious products.


Founded with a lot of love and enthusiasm back in 1990s in Sveti Nikole, Algomak still sticks to the old, traditional recipes for producing a wide assortment of products. Every day we continue the tradition of our ancestors who used to make home-made bread and pastry with their loved ones using the highest quality raw materials. Because of all this, we decided to preserve that tradition.

Flour made from the finest cereals combined with eggs, sugar, salt and pure, clear water contribute to the design with an emphasis on detail, creativity and quality of our wonderful products.

Experimenting with new flavors and combinations, we strive to continually bring you fresh, unique and above all, delicious products.

Our assortment of over 200 products makes us proud and stimulates us to work harder and meet customer needs.


Vision and Goals

Our vision is to invest in constant innovation, to work seamlessly and professionally with the latest trends in bakery production and to contribute to the recruitment of young and promising workers who work for a brand that meets customer needs at any time.

Our main goal is to become a company in the bakery industry that provides high performance and to expand into the international market through continuous improvement of all segments.

Our key values are honesty, preservance and following new principles, techniques and trends in the bakery industry.

On the way to achieving our goals we are open to collaboration and looking for partners (business) who share the same or similar values. We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and visitors. We appreciate the value of diversity and help our people develop their talents. As producers of food products we have a special responsibility towards our customers. We are proud that we are not offering only delicious products, but also high quality while being completely transparent.



One of the most important prerequisites for any bakery to succeed is to maintain quality, which requires quality ingredients, extremely hygienic workplaces and a proven recipe. The main feature of our company is that we always strive to work according to the world’s recognized quality standards, so as a result our company has implemented IFS FOOD, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and HACCP standards.

Certificate for quality

ISO 22000
Certificate for quality

ISO 9001
Certificate for quality

Certificate for quality

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